Interested in fixing computers with us?

Here at BitFIXit, we are always eager to welcome onboard people who are interested in helping us out with computer repairs, from newbies willing to learn the fundamentals of maintenance and repairs, to experienced technicians looking to make use of their skills and knowledge for the benefit of local communities.

We encourage complete flexibility with attendance by giving volunteers freedom to choose how long and how often they would like to dedicate their time based on their own commitments. This can be from coming along every now and then to joining us every week, and anywhere between one-to-four hours of their spare time in a given session.

We reimburse public transport fares, meals and childcare costs from our donations for our volunteers on the days when the community clinics workshops are open at Abbeyfield Park House.

If you are interested in what the volunteering roles entail, please feel free to view and download a copy of the PDF files via the below link;

Computer Repair Technician