Repair Sheffield Repair Cafes

Updated Saturday 1st May 2021

As a community-oriented IT workshop, we have an ongoing interest in participating in repair cafes, which are run by Repair Sheffield, a group of dedicated volunteers who spend some of their free time repairing a broad diversity of everyday items such as vacuum cleaners, sewing machines, radios, and toys and gadgets.

The group collectively run repair cafe sessions in the community hall at Heeley City Farm one Saturday every alternating month, beginning in January; and in the community room on the upper floor above Strip The Willow on Abbeydale Road one Sunday every alternating month beginning in February. All of their repair cafe sessions run from 10am to 4pm.

We have been involved with Repair Sheffield’s repair cafes since 2016, since we wanted to combine our knowledge and experience with fixing computers, with their collective experience and knowledge of fixing numerous other kinds of everyday items. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, however, we were unable to participate in repair cafes as we were normally able to do.

In lieu of the usual repair cafe sessions at Heeley City Farm and Strip The Willow, Repair Sheffield are currently holding virtual repair cafe sessions through the Zoom meeting platform, where their volunteers offer advice on how to fix different kinds of items, share stories about items they have fixed, and encouragement on spending some time repairing items that would have been discarded during lockdown.

Their virtual repair cafe sessions run every Thursday evening at 7pm and operate until 8pm. You can browse this blog page on their website for instructions on how to join their repair cafe meetings.

Repair Sheffield will be reintroducing their physical repair cafes at Heeley City Farm, with a pilot date set for Saturday 15th May 2021. The event will begin at the later time of 10:30am, and will operate on a ‘drop and go’ basis. You can view the safety requirements that Repair Sheffield have set out to ensure that their repair cafes operate safely.