BitFIXit 2018 Easter Weekend Opening

The BitFIXit community clinics workshops will be opening as normal this Easter Weekend, giving members of the local community the opportunity to bring in their computers for repairs and optimisations. We will certainly endeavour to help with hardware and software issues during the Easter Weekend clinics workshops, just like on any other weekend. So as always, please feel free to bring in your computer that you just can’t seem to get to work, or otherwise just needs some tender loving care, and we will help return it to a good working order.

BitFIXit Community Clinics Christmas & New Year Break

The BiFIXit Community Clinics based at Abbeyfield Park House will be closed for the Christmas and the beginning of the New Year. The following Saturdays that we will be closed on, are as follows;

  • 23rd December 2017
  • 30th December 2017
  • 6th January 2018

The community clinics sessions will subsequently resume on Saturday 13th January 2018. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!