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From specialism to generalism – a workshop trial

Since we began the BitFIXit project in 2004, we generally focused our repairs work more on computers and mobile devices at our pop-up repair workshops at Abbeyfield Park House in Pitsmoor, and on Verdon Street in Burngreave prior to the move.

Having worked alongside the dedicated repairers from Repair Sheffield since 2016, we are now collaborating with them to begin a trial, involving monthly general repair workshops at Abbeyfield Park House. The initial session at our repair workshops will run on Saturday 1st February 2020 at the extended times of 10am to 4pm, in line with Repair Sheffield’s repair cafe sessions at Heeley City Farm and Strip the Willow.

You can find out more about Repair Sheffield at their website here:

On the day, we can repair computers, phones and tablets as we normally do at our repairs workshops, but you can also bring along a plethora of other kinds of everyday items such as small furniture (e.g tables, chairs), general electrical items (e.g kettles, radios, digital TV recorders), clothes and footwear, and even antiques!

If all goes well at the initial general workshops session and there is enough interest to make these sessions viable, then we will hold the general repair workshops on the first Saturday of every month at Abbeyfield Park House. We hope to see you there!

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