Welcome to the website for the BitFIXit computer repairs workshop!

If you have a problem with your computer that you need our help with, simply bring your machine along and we will resolve them for you on the day, or as soon as possible, whichever comes first. If it is a hardware issue, we will tell you precisely what part you need that will fix the problem, source the most cost-effective part available, and then install it for you. If you need any software for your computer, we recommend various free and legal software applications that we will assist you in installing and configuring to your needs.

Due to the recent easing of lockdown restrictions put in place throughout the United Kingdom in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, starting from Saturday 27th June 2020, we will resume our repair workshop sessions based at Abbeyfield Park House, with measures in place to protect our volunteers and the local community.

Thank you to all for your ongoing support, and we are now ready to re-open the repairs workshops and help out the community with fixing computers and mobile devices again!